Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Decisions, Decisions

So, I've really been trying to figure out this whole new realm I'm jumping into. From coming up with a logo (still need someone to help make the picture in my head a reality) to researching the best way to take payments, I've gotten a little overwhelmed today. If I could just sew and the money would appear in my bank account without making decisions, it would be a great thing...but come on that's not realistic is it? And don't even get me started about the fact that not one single present is ready to go under the tree at our house! One thing I'm very excited about is that there are people approaching me with projects and even a few orders just from posting some pics on Facebook. Success! Since my thoughts keep circling around in my head I thought I'd start a "to do" list...maybe if it's written down I might be able to sleep tonight (not likely).

To Do:
1. Find someone to help me with the logo I keep picturing in my head. (preferably for really cheap or even! I would even be willing to make a trade.)
2. Order business cards, packaging materials
3. Figure out paypal buttons
4. Check into Etsy and setting up an online store through them
5. Make more samples and take pics (hooded towel, apron, chef hat, travel tumbler, nightlight)
6. Put together pictures of fabrics available (really I can do almost anything, but people like to have choices to help them out)
7. Stop thinking about business stuff and make Christmas stuff!

This is just the beginning...I'm sure I'll think of something else in the middle of the night!

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Blake, Alisha, and Jackson said...

If you are looking to make business cards, has really good prices on things like that....just a suggestion!