Friday, December 26, 2008

Filling Orders...Whew!

Between my own Christmas gifts and filling orders for people, Christmas got busy! I made and embroidered an apron for a friend's daughter that was getting an easy-bake cupcake maker, made and embroidered a tag blanket for a friend at church, monogrammed 3 sweatshirts for someone's grandparents, and monogrammed 2 sets of sheets for a neighbor. They turned out beautiful! I liked the sheets so much that I went and got some new sheets for Ray and I for Christmas and will be monogramming them soon!

For my own Christmas presents I made Jonah a cape like the Wonderpets wear, a grilling apron for Ray, monogrammed a collapsible market tote for Ray's granny, and several other things that I can't post yet because the people haven't received them in the mail. I can't ruin the surprise!


Candice said...

Cute stuff! Keep going girl! I'm sure I'll be calling you for some birthday stuff over the next year. :)


Dragon's Dolphin said...

I am so glad that you had a picture of Ray's Roadkill Grill in your group of things you've made! I love to see things that people have made with my design. Don't know if you got it from Sew Forum or from Etsy, but it looks GREAT!!! The picture of the one I made my son didn't turn out well (and it was on a striped fabric so it was hard to see in the first place). Thanks for letting me see it.
How is your road to adding to the household budget going? Mine has come to an almost complete stop==good thing I didn't give up my paycheck as a teacher---not that it is much compared to salaries of some folks! And with this new law coming into effect in February, it makes me wonder if we'll be able to sell any of the things we make for people (especially the things for kids 12 and under!)!!!! I'll be watching your blog for more of your projects as well as your Make it Up as You Go quilt with YCMT!
Shelly (shesewsall or ShellyBellies as you may know me)

Claire said...

Love that cape! I feel like I need one to wear so I can feel good while cleaning the bathrooms :)

You're very talented!


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